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阿里集团(AliExpress) 社交媒体营销专家/ Social media marketing Specialist Spain

Alibaba | Posted 23-02-2021

Madrid (Marketing y Publicidad)

PLEASE SUBMIT ENGLISH OR CHINESE CV 1. 负责西班牙社交运营,根据业务目标,设计西班牙社交策略和项目计划,并推动落地拿结果,通过社交营销促进用户增长 2. 搭建优化本地社交生态,包括但不局限于MCN机构、KOL、社群、分享裂变、社交广告等全渠道合作伙伴 3. 负责各类社交合作项目,根据业务目标进行项目对焦,资源整合,带领大家一起完成社交带来的用户增长 4. 根据业务需求,联动中台产品完善整体社交产品体系,提升整体运营效率 5. 了解行业动向,及时、准确地研究、分析竞争对手的运营状态,并提出相应对策 1. Responsible for social media marketing in Spain, design Spanish social media marketing 2. Developing and optimizing local social media ecosysterm including but not limited to MCN, KOL, community, sharing fission, social advertising and other types of partners 3. Responsible for various social media marketing cooperation projects, focus on projects 4.According to business needs, collaborate with global products to improve the overall social media marketing product system and improve overall operational efficiency. 5. Understand industry trends, timely and accurately study and analyze the operating status of

1. 3年以上社交运营相关经验,熟悉社交玩法,有成功案例打造 2. 了解各类海外内容媒体和社交媒体,熟悉内容电商运作模式,思维活跃,好奇心强,善于创新 3. 良好的项目管理能力、资源整合能力和团队合作精神以实现目标 4. 敏锐的用户洞察、需求分析、数据分析和产品化思维能力 5. 英语文书写和交流熟练,如有西语能力者优先 1. More than 3 years of relevant experience in social media marketing,and those who has successful cases are preferred 2. Know well of overseas content media and social media, familiar with the operation mode of content e-commerce, active thinking, strong curiosity, good at innovation 3. Good project management ability, resource integration ability and teamwork spirit to achieve 4. A keen user insight, requirments analysis, data analysis and product thinking skills 5. Fluent English in writing and communication, and those who are good at Spanish language are preferred.