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阿里集团(AliExpress) 网红营销专家/Influencer Marketing Specialist Spain/杭州

Alibaba | Posted 23-02-2021

Madrid (Marketing y Publicidad)

PLEASE SUBMIT ENGLISH OR CHINESE CV! 1. 根据行业、品牌、营销等业务对网红的需求和目标,制定并执行网红营销策略和计划,通过网红营销促进销售和用户增长 2. 与内部行业、商家、营销团队和外部网红或机构沟通协调,策划和执行网红创意活动和日常网红带货。 3. 够有效地梳理出一套网红运营的方法论,在策略及产品侧推动落地,并可复用到多个品类,ROI意识明确; 4. 挖掘、管理和维护西班牙适合Aliexpress 的各类潜力网红和MCN,针对不同类别的网红达人制定和执行不同的营销策略和创意活动 5. 了解和研究西班牙社交媒体趋势、网红动态、有效网红玩法、合作模式和竞争对手的网红合作特点 1. Developing and implementing influencer marketing strategies and plans based on the needs and goals from category, brands, marketing and prmotion teams, and promote sales and user growth through influencer marketing 2. Communicate and coordinate with internal category, merchants, marketing teams and external influencers or agencies to plan and execute creative activities and daily influence's sales project. 3. Effectively sort out a set of methodologies for influencer operations, promote landing on the strategy and product side, and can be reused in multiple categories, with a clear ROI awareness; 4. Developing, managing and maintaining various potential influencers and MCNs suitable for Aliexpress in Spain, designing and executing different marketing strategies and creative activities for different types of influencers 5. Understand and study Spanish social media trends, influencer trends, effective influencer cooperation models, and competitors' influencer strategies

1. 3年以上社交媒体和网红营销经验。有大型公司和电商平台相关工作经验者优先 2. 深入了解西班牙社交媒体营销行业和网红生态,非常了解高效的网红合作方式和玩法,有成功案例者优先考虑 3. 出色的表达能力、沟通能力和谈判能力,良好的时间管理能力和项目管理能力,具有创造力,独立思考和团队合作精神 4. 西语文书写和交流熟练,有英语能力者亦可 1. More than 3 years of social media and influencer marketing experience. Work experience in large companies or e-commerce company is preferred 2. In-depth understanding of the Spanish social media marketing industry and the influencer ecosysterm, and a good understanding of the effective influencer cooperation methods and gameplay. Those who have successful cases are preferred 3. Excellent expression, communication and negotiation skills, good time management ability 4. Native Spainsh speaker is prefered,or fluent in Eglish